Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brewed in Michigan

Fun night out with friends...

Recently John and I went with some friends to event called "Brewed in Michigan" and we had a lovely time.  With the price of admission we received "taste" and "food" tickets and were able to stroll around a large venue sampling local craft beer, wine, and food vendors wares.  It is always a good choice to buy local whenever possible and it was a fun time to try some new things!  My favorite taste of the night was a Coconut Porter from Crankers Brewery in Big Rapids, Michigan.  Now I am not a beer expert but I know what I like and I really liked this one!

213 South State Street
Big Rapids, MI  49307
 Phone:  231 796-1919

I was told it was a seasonal brew and would be available in Meijers stores and local shops beginning Oct. 10th.  Most people probably cringe when they here coconut and beer in the same sentence but I am telling you  it was a delicious smooth dark beer with just a hint of coconut.  I pared my taste (well I had a few of this one!) with a yummy warm Nutella crepe from a local restaurant called Le Rendez Vous, in Milford, Michigan.

 248 North Main Street
Milford, MI  48381
(248) 714-6222

If you live in Michigan and are able to get your hands on some of this yummy brew, I would highly recommend giving it a try... It's always fun to try something new and keep our economy rolling in Michigan!

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