Saturday, October 5, 2013

Detective Diaries


Detective Diaries from BROBIEfilms on Vimeo.

Ok, so I am a proud mama, and I could not have a blog without including something creative from my children right?  I believe creativity must run in my family and I would like to think my children's creativity comes from me (you know all those projects I helped them with for grade school), but their Dad is a pretty creative guy also. He is a creative thinker/problem solver at work and at home. Whenever you have a problem making something work for you, John Sr. is they guy to ask (one of his nicknames is the Wizard), he can always find a creative easy solution to almost any problem!  All that being said I think my kids get their creative genius from both of us!  

As a parent we always dream that our kids will grow up to be successful skilled brain surgeons or scientists that save the planet from deadly plagues. But deep down what we all really want for them is to be successful at what they choose to do in life and love doing it, we want them to be happy... don't we?

My son John graduated from Grand Valley State University in December 2010 with a degree in Film and Video and is now currently working at Green Sky Creative that is located in Royal Oak, Michigan using his creative gifts filming and editing short films and videos for businesses around the country and abroad. Needless to say his Dad and I are very proud of him and are happy to see him using his creative gifts.

My daughter Jessica is graduating from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids Michigan in Audio Production this December (2013).  She is a multi talented musician and plays the piano, the guitar, and also has a beautiful voice.  She loves to write her own music, and she often uses her gifts leading or participating in worship at church.  She hopes to find a job in Audio when she graduates in December.
Brobiefilms and Brobiefilms on facebook

Together my children love to create things together as well.  They have created a company called BROBIE films and they love to make short films and videos together. With John's film background and Jessica's audio and other creative abilities they are a dream team.  In 2012 they did a project called The Detroit 48 hour film project. They had to create, write, film, and edit a short film in 48 hours in this contest.  They had a great team to help and after a very exhausting 48 hours their film titled Detective Diaries, placed in three categories (not bad for a first shot)... they got best costume design, best sound design, and 3rd place overall!  

The BROBIEfim team at the awards ceremony!

If you get the opportunity check out their website and make sure to watch some of their other fun videos.  

If your interested in learning more about the 48hour film project please visit their website at: They are the hosts of contests like this in cities all around the United States.

Maybe this will inspire you to use your gifts to create something fun, and who knows you might make it to the big screen!

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