Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paint Brush Santas

Quick & Easy Paint Brush Santa's

These adorable simple paint brush Santa's would be great to use as Teachers gifts, Secret Santa gifts, or for gift exchanges.  They are inexpensive and quite simple to make!  I made 20 in just an afternoon. Make your own with the step by step directions below... or if you are in a crunch for time and just visit my Etsy shop - TheBlueSpottedOwl on Etsy   They will sure to put a smile on everyone's face this holiday season!

You will need wood 2" wood handle paint brushes from the hardware store.
(mine were .95 cents at Home Depot)
Paint the handles front and back and inside hole with a dark red/burgundy paint

I used 1/4" wood buttons for noses.
Paint the noses... since I am impatient I put mine in the paint and rolled them around
and then brushed off the excess and laid out separately to dry.
Paint polka dots on Santa's hat.  I use the end of a flat wood paint brush to create perfect
polka dots... you can get a few dots from 1 dip!

Hot glue a 1" by 4 1/2" strip of ivory fleece around most of the metal of the 
paint brush, leaving about 1/4" of metal exposed for the eyes and nose.
I had some left over curly wool from another craft and used it to make Santa's mustache.
I took a strip and tied a knot in the middle and glued just at the middle edge of where the metal
and the bristles meet.  Glue the red nose on top of the knot, press until hot glue sets.

I used 5mm plastic half round eyes for Santa.  Use a craft glue (I love Tacky Glue)
 to glue the 5mm eyes on  the metal, just above the nose.
Use some clipped garland and a shiny bell to decorate the rim of Santa's hat.
I had some strips of plaid fabric left over from snowman scarfs that I used to
tie a bow through the hole at the top of the brush
 (this is not necessary but I thought it looked cute)
Make a hanger at the top.  I used a strip of green twine.

And there you have it your very own paint brush Santa ornaments! Happy Crafting!

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