Monday, October 14, 2013

Quack, Quack...

Happy, Happy, Happy!

I don't watch much TV and I almost never watch "reality TV" but I have been known to watch a few episodes of Duck Dynasty on A&E.  I am not sure what it is about the show that pulls me in, it can be really quite ridiculous but after reading Phil Roberton's book, Happy, Happy, Happy the family became more appealing to me.  They are real people, with real problems, that follow a real God, they forgive each other because they have been forgiven.  Even before reading his book, I was always intrigued at how they end almost every show with them gathered around the table enjoying a family dinner, but not before the family matriarch Phil prays and thanks God for their many blessings. I don't know about you, but this is really quite unusual in this day and age where many people are offended about prayer in schools, and at the start of a sporting events.  Our country was founded on the basic principles of "In God We Trust", but somehow that ideal has been pushed to the side to allow for " In Ourselves We Trust", which in my opinion has us traveling down a dark and dreary road. Too much ME, and very little HIM is everywhere, but not in this family... I believe that this is really what makes them so intriguing to the millions of viewers that sit back and watch them every week (including me), not only do folks want to see what crazy antics that the boys and Uncle Si will get themselves, into each week, but they want to see a real family, doing real things, and living life authentically.  Folks are interested in seeing a real family putting someone at the center of it all, someone that is bigger then themselves, someone that is always there and someone that will keep them grounded.  I think there are many people that long for this for their own families, but are not sure how to get it and that keeps them coming back for more.

Last night John and I were able to go to an event that was created to benefit a local Christian college (Rochester College).  Our children purchased the tickets for us for my birthday present in July.  They knew that we had both read Phil Roberton's book and thought that we might like to go and see them in person.  The event was held at Woodside Bible Church in Troy Michigan.  The church holds around 2300 people in their sanctuary and  the event was sold out!  Who knew that so many Michiganders would want to listen to two hicks from Louisiana with bushy beards and long hair talk about their faith, their family, and of course their duck business. Almost all of them travel around the country speaking at engagements and events at schools and church's basically sharing their faith. They spoke about the fame, but mostly they talked about their faith and their family and how they chose to live that out during their everyday lives.  They told funny stories about their families antics, some funny Uncle Si stories, Miss Kay's cooking, and about the dark times before their Dad trusted in Christ but the thread was the same, and it is how they choose to live their lives everyday. They really are the real deal, and they have a heart to share their love of Christ with others. The show, the duck calls and all the merchandise has become a tool for them to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the masses. 

Jase and Jep Robertson 

I don't know about you but I think this world needs more families like the Robertson's for our TV role models.  They are quirky, they look funny, and they eat a lot of frog legs, ducks and squirrels (if you visit their website you can try out some of their Recipes) but they seem to be really genuine and that I think is what makes them so appealing to us. This show might not be for everyone, but their family values should be!  If you ever get a chance to see them at an event like this, I would highly recommend  it, it is an inspiring experience, and it makes you really think about how you are living out your faith, in your own life, everyday. 

Duck Commander 

Praying that you all have a week full of faith, family, and friends (ducks are optional), and that you can take some time to appreciate all the blessings in your own lives... sit around the table and share a meal with your family and remember to take a few minutes together to thank God for it all.  


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