Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craft Show Day

John and I before the show started

Well I did it!  I did my first craft show in about 15 years.  When my kids were smaller I had a little business called the Country Cupboard and I would travel the craft show circuit in my area selling my wares from the first of November until right before Christmas.  It was a lot of fun, and I just loved visiting with all the people at the show's too.  I stopped doing them when my kids got older and I began working out of the home more. It seems I had much less time to craft.  I put away the sewing machine and hung up the paint brushes and I don't think realized how much I missed creating things until recently.

My "up-cycled" wool mittens

I am kind of between jobs right now (semi retired) and I found myself with some extra time on my hands so I blew the cobwebs off the craft supplies and went to work. I really only planned on making stuff for friends for Christmas but when you are making one it is just as easy to make a few more! 

It pays to know someone... the person next to me didn't show up so my friend
Cathy who organized the show gave me 2 tables... I really spread out!

My friend Cathy organizes a craft show at her church (St. Mary's in Milford) every year and the proceeds go to their teens missions trip to Appalachia.  Every year Cathy asks me if I am back in the craft business and that I would be welcome at their show, and every year I tell her I am not in the business anymore, including this year. But after thinking about it for a week or so, I thought what the heck, I am making stuff for Christmas, why not make a little more, so I signed up.

My friend Julie's daughter Clare modeling
one of my aprons re-purposed out of a man's dress shirt
I think I picked the perfect model... could she be any cuter!

The show turned out to be a fun day, and I made a little extra cash to help with the Holiday's too! It was a lot of fun visiting with the other crafters and shoppers and supporting a good cause. I don't know if I am back in the craft business full time, but I really enjoyed just getting those creative juices flowing again.  It is really important to remember to not stop doing the things you love... even when life get's hectic, take time for yourself!

My husband John, modeling one of my aprons, he is such a good sport, 
he helped haul stuff in, set up and tear down and in between
he went home and raked a ton of leaves... he is my hero!

A big thanks to all my friends who came out to say hi, and support me in my artsy endeavors! I am richly and truly blessed!

Do what you love,

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