Sunday, November 10, 2013

Santa's Magical Key...

Reason 2,450 why I need grands kids...

So I can make cute kids crafts for them!!!  Well since I don't have any of my own yet, I guess I will just have to make some for yours.  This is an adorable little gift for that over thinking toddler that stresses about how Santa might not visit because you don't have a chimney for him to come down.  Now all you have to do is leave this adorable Magical Key on your doorknob on Christmas Eve. night and he can magically open your door with it to leave the presents! This little key comes with a special card and a little poem to give to a special child.  

I thought these would make cute little gifts, so I decided to make some for an upcoming craft show that I am doing on November 16th. in Milford at St. Mary's. There are so many kids that live in apartments or homes that don't have a fireplace and it gives them a special tradition to do every Christmas Eve. before they go to bed!

These cute little presents were pretty easy to make, the hardest part was finding the key's because I wanted something vintage looking.  This is how they went together...

I used vintage looking metal keys found online 
used for crafts and weddings

Paint each key with Mod Podge Glue

I sprinkled white and silver glitter to make them more magical

Print a cute tag on the computer ( I used some vintage Santa clip art)

I used some tags I had bought at office max for another project,
they worked great for these too!

I used scrapbook paper to mat them and then used a brown chalk
and smudged it with tissue to make it appear antique looking

Scrapbook a cute card with the poem inside

Attach the key with a ribbon and tie a bow, 
I used a second wider ribbon to make the door hanger

All together it makes a pretty stinkin' cute gift for 
little kids with no chimney for Santa!

Make some for yourself or if you are interested in purchasing one of mine check them out at The Blue Spotted Owl on Etsy, or you can also find me at St. Mary's Art & Craft Fair on Commerce Rd. in Milford on Saturday, November 16th!

Make some magic!

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