Friday, November 29, 2013

Shrek the Musical

Going to see a local high school musical is a fun inexpensive night out.  We have a group of friends like us, even though their kids are no longer in school still enjoy going to see the performances at the local high schools.  We usually meet for dinner and then go to the show and it makes for a lovely evening out!  The tickets are so much less expensive than going downtown to see a show, and sometimes they are so professionally done that I am almost always awed and amazed! There are some awesomely talented students out there, and it is really good way to support the arts in your area school district.

John as Shrek... I think he makes a handsome Orge :)

We had the opportunity to go see Shrek the Musical put on by Walled Lake Western high school.  And since Shrek is one of my favorite animated movies (who doesn't love an ogre and a donkey), I thought it would be fun to see.  The show was sold out and was a lot of fun.  The ensemble was huge and it was an action packed musical with colorful costumes, witty lines, and a lot of funny fairy tale characters!  It was a show that kids and adults could both enjoy! I am pretty sure that my friends grandson Caleb's favorite part in the show was the farting orge :). Walled Lake Westerns Choral Director, Greg Cleveland always does an amazing job with the students and I am always in awe at the scope of the productions.  We have seen many shows at Walled Lakes three high schools including Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, The Beauty and the Beast, The King and I, My Fair Lady, and Hairspray to name a few and have not been disappointed yet! 
They had fun cut outs you could get your picture taken with, 
this is my friends daughter Dana being silly in the Donkey

We enjoyed the show and had another fun night out with our friends! Check out your local high school for fun events and shows like this.  With the holidays around the corner there is a lot of things happening.  If you are in the Christmas spirit a lot of high schools have their Christmas music concerts which are usually fabulous and is bound to get you in the Christmas spirit! 

Supporting the arts,

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