Saturday, November 9, 2013

Snowmen Ornaments...

These cutie patooties were fun and easy to make in just one afternoon with some beautiful glass bulbs I found on clearance the other day.  With just a little paint, ribbon, glitter, and socks, these ordinary glass bulbs became cute little snowmen heads!  If you would like to make some yourself this is how I did it...

First I painted rosy cheeks on my snowmen with some 
opaque glass paint, using a pink and a white color mixed together 
dabbing with a round brush

I painted the eyes, nose and mouth using medium point 
paint pens in orange and black

And this is what happens when your kitten decides to help... 
Oops, that ball didn't roll very well off the counter did it Harley!

I used Mod Podge (I just love Mod Podge!) 
and painted it lightly on with a brush over the dried cheeks 
and then I sprinkled white glitter on them to give them a snow kissed sparkle

I also outlined the orange noses with a fine paint brush 
and black paint to detail them

I found these nice long stretchy socks at the dollar store 
and used them for their cute stocking hats

I used hot glue to secure the hat to the head so it would not slip off

I tied a ribbon around the end of the hat and glued the hat over to the side
I ran some coarse black string with a needle through the loop for a hanger

I also added a few sprigs of green and a couple of red berries 
that I glittered like the cheeks, this made a cute holiday accent on the hat!

Making all these cute Christmas crafts this week has really put me in a festive mood... I haven't started listening to the Christmas music yet but I am really close!

If you like these cute little snowballs, I will have them at the craft show I am doing on November 16th at St. Mary's Church on Commerce Rd. in Milford.  I don't think I will put these in my Etsy shop because they are glass and would be pretty fragile to ship!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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