Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids...

Turkey Finger Puppet
We don't have many young kids in our family anymore (I need some grand kids ), except my brothers daughter Madeleine, and they usually visit my sister-in-laws family on Thanksgiving.  But when we did, I always liked to have fun things to occupy the kids after dinner.  A "Tree of Thanksgiving" craft to add leaves of things they are thankful for, a coloring book, a turkey apple or pine cone craft, and Thanksgiving Trivia are always fun ways to get the kids and adults engaged in activities together.   I recently scoured Pinterest to find some fun ideas if you have young kids visiting this Thanksgiving you might want to check these out!  You can go directly to the page by clicking the link (caption) below the pictures!
A Family Thanksgiving: 20 Thanksgiving Games
Free Activity Book @Frugal Girls

Kids Thanksgiving Craft

Parents Magazine Thanksgiving Crafts

Also there are many good Thanksgiving Books for children to understand about what being thankful is and why we should give thanks for our many blessings. 

I worked in a preschool and around Thanksgiving one of my favorite activities we did was from a Book called Stone Soup.  

The book was first published in 1947 by Marcia Brown and is based on an old French tale where three hungry soldiers outwit some some greedy villagers into providing them with a feast!  The children would each bring something to add to a pot of soup, we would act it out for the parents in a little program and in the end we would have a big pot of soup that the kids helped make and we would have a big Thanksgiving Feast with a large pot of soup big enough to share!
Have fun with your little ones this Thanksgiving and use it as an opportunity to teach them to have a grateful and giving heart.

With a grateful heart,

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