Friday, November 15, 2013

Upcylcled Apron!

Saving the planet one craft at a time!

I love creating something new out of something old and making it useful again.  That is why when I saw these re-purposed men's dress shirt made into an adorable apron posted on facebook, I knew I had to give them a try!  I also knew that my husband would not be appreciative of me cutting up his dress shirts so I hit the Salvation Army Thrift Store in my town and hit the jackpot! They were having a sale on yellow and tan tag clothing items and they were 5 for $5!  So my adventure turned into a hunt to find shirts with yellow and tan tags, but also in prints, colors and patterns that I thought would be fun to use for my aprons!  I had planned on only getting 2 or 3 because I knew they were 3.99 to 5.99 a piece (not very cost effective to make them for my craft show).  But when I realized they were only going to be a dollar a piece I went crazy... I came home with 20!  Well I have my work cut out for me this week since my show is Saturday, but I think it will be a fun project!

First cut the apron from corner shoulder near collar to just under arm
I used my rotary cutter and ruler for this

I made the apron ties from strips from the back of the shirt.
I sew a ribbon on the inside to make turning a breeze

I added rick rack, bows and buttons to the pockets to dress them up

I invited my Mom to help... we had a little production line
pressing and sewing the aprons. We had a fun day!

This was another ultimate re-purpose project.  I will never look at a man's shirt the same way again!  Go check out your man's closet, and try one for yourself! If you want to make your own there is a great tutorial on Gabriel's Good Tidings.  If you are not a sewer, but want one, check out some in my Etsy Shop (I will have some there after my show Nov. 16). I think they will make great Christmas gifts, or really cute shower gifts for a bride to be with along with a cookbook!

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