Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deck the Halls...

I love to decorate for Christmas!  It is one of my favorite times of the year and it is always fun to transform our home into cozy space that reflects the warmth and joy of the season to all that enter. I use all the traditional hues of red and green which would otherwise clash with my everyday decor, but seems to work at Christmas!  I love, Santa's and snowmen, angels and nativities, bows and lights, and all the trimmings and I put decorations in just about every room in the house! My family room hosts my Santa's, my living room and dinning room is more simple with my angels and nativity, my den has a multitude of snowmen and my foyer and 1/2 bath is just a mix of holiday cheer!

I also collect Santa's, and I have been collecting that bearded, chubby, rosy cheeked, jolly old fella since John and I first got married in 1987 and have added to that collection every year.  I am not exactly sure how many I have now, but it is a lot. Some of them I have made myself, or purchased at craft shows or on special vacations we have taken. Others I have been given as gifts by family and friends, but I can tell you a story about almost all of them!

I started my Santa collection before I was a Christian, but after I trusted in Christ, I went through a phase where I used to be embarrassed by my Santa collection because I thought it might send the wrong message to people of what I thought the true meaning of the holiday was.  But I soon realized that these little guys bring me a lot of joy, and they are kind of a symbol, or little reminder of the ultimate gift giver... the One who brought the ultimate gift and why we really celebrate the Christmas season! 

Chef Santa in the kitchen, ready to bake cookies!

My overflow Santa's from the mantel

They pretty much cover every surface in the family room :)

This big guy I painted several years back out of plywood... 
big John thinks this one looks like the Duck Dynasty fellas ;)

This is my "re-purposed" wagon that held gourds 
and fall flowers in Autumn, 
now it holds Christmas greens, poinsettias, bulbs, and of course 
jolly old St. Nick!

This is wiggle butt Santa, when turned on, this little guy dances to 
jingle bell rock!  My mom got him for me and loves to see him dance!

These are my "woodland" Santa's, the large one I just found at a resale 
store this year!   He was missing a mitten so I decided to fix that 
and brought him home!

I keep it a little simpler in my foyer to greet guests
they don't need to know how crazy I am 
until they get past the front door :)

A little peace and serenity in my dinning room 

My grapevine angel on my buffet I made several years ago, her dress is adorned with greens, lights and roses and I think this is the perfect spot for her!

Aside from all the decorations, the presents and the cookies, it is so important to focus on the message of the joy, the love, and the hope that Christ brought to all people when He came to earth and was born in a stable so many years ago.  He has so many names, but I love the name Immanuel which means "God with us!"  That truth is so amazing when you think about it! God came to earth to live and walk among us, to give us hope and life, and to ultimately offer us the ultimate gift and all we have to do is accept it!  Even though Jesus is not physically with us today, we can have Him with us all the time when we trust in Him and what He did for us on the cross.  It is a truly amazing gift, one that is meant to be shared!  It is a wonderful time to reflect on the birth of our Savior but we should not just limit it to Christmas... it should be every day of the year!

My prayer for you while you are decorating your home for the holiday season, is that you take some time in the quiet of your own heart and really feel the peace the season offers you.  Feel God within you and the gift he offers you. Soak in his love for you and let it be your guide during the holidays and how you reflect that to others. Let his peace wash over you when you are stressed out and trying to shop for that perfect gift, and know that you will never really find it until you find Him. 

May you feel Gods presence not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year!

In His Love,

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