Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Double Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Recently while Christmas shopping in a popular kitchen store (hint... W. and S.) at the mall, my friend Diana and I tasted samples of their delicious peppermint bark, she wanted to buy some for her sister. Unfortunately the yummy confection offered in a cute vintage looking tin comes in just under $30 bucks... not an inexpensive gift if you are on on budget, but our version can be! Try it for yourself today and I think you will be surprised by just how quick you can put this yummy holiday treat together! This delicious peppermint bark is a quick easy treat that you can pack up in little bags with cute tags for a quick easy handmade gift for friends, co-workers and neighbors and would be lovely on your dessert table for your holiday entertaining!

Double Chocolate Peppermint Bark
1 bag semi chocolate chips
1 bag of white chocolate chips (1/2 tsp oil)
1/2 tsp peppermint extract divided (1/4 tsp for semi sweet, 1/4 tsp. for white)
6 large candy canes chopped

Directions:  Line a large jelly roll pan or cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside.  In medium size bowl melt the semi sweet chocolate chips in microwave in 30 second intervals at 50% power stirring after each interval until smooth and melted.  Once chocolate is melted add a 1/4 tsp. of peppermint extract and stir.  Pour onto parchment lined cookie sheet and spread out until you have a thin layer (It will not cover the entire cookie sheet).  Place in fridge for 10 to 20 minutes to harden (I just stuck mine out on my enclosed back porch because it was really cold out!).  Melt the white chocolate the same way (white chocolate can be a little thicker so you can add about 1/2 tsp canola oil to thin out near the end of melting).  Add the peppermint extract and stir. Spread the melted white chocolate quickly over the semi sweet chocolate because the bottom layer is cold it seems to harden quicker.  Quickly sprinkle the crushed peppermint over the white chocolate layer and lightly press into the chocolate.  Let chill again until hardened. Break into pieces for serving or gift giving in small tins or little bags!  Enjoy!

 Melt the chocolate in microwave in 30 second intervals stirring in between each.  Add peppermint extract when melted and stir again

 My husband is a good sport.  He is not much of a cook, 
but when given a job to do... he can do it!  
He was in charge of unwrapping and crushing the candy canes!

 Spread the melted semi sweet chocolate on a parchment 
lined jelly roll pan or cookie sheet to a thin layer

 While I was doing this, John put the candy canes in a bag and 
crushed them with my little kitchen hammer

 Be careful not to pulverize it to a powder!

 Put the pan of semi sweet chocolate in the fridge, freezer 
or back porch like I did to set up for about 10 minutes 
then melt your white chocolate in the microwave the same way.  
I added 1/2 tsp. canola oil at the same time I added the peppermint extract 
and stirred it into the chocolate to make it a smoother consistency, 
this was a great tip I found on line because white chocolate 
tends to melt a little thicker.

 Spread the white chocolate on to the semi sweet chocolate and work quickly because it starts to harden faster because the bottom layer is cold

Sprinkle with your crushed candy canes and press in lightly.  
Let chill until set

Break into pieces and put in little bags or tins for gift giving, or in a pretty bowl for your dessert table!  Enjoy!

This was super easy and turned out fantastic!  I am not a huge chocolate peppermint fan but after taste testing this several times ;) (for the blog of course), it is really growing on me... hopefully not too much on my hips!

Ho, Ho, Ho, 


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