Friday, December 6, 2013

Puzzle Board

I had a "puzzling" problem that needed solving...I usually buy my family a new puzzle for Christmas and we try to put it together between Christmas and New Years.  The only problem with it, is where to set it up? We like to do it in an out of the way area like the dinning room but that can create a huge problem if you want to have company over!  I decided to make a felted puzzle board for us to use this year using a piece of plywood my hubby had in the garage and some felt so it would not scratch my oak dining room table.  I also made a flap/cover so that we can cover the puzzle when we are not working on it so my kitty's won't play and sleep all over the pieces and loose them.  It can also be easily be moved to store under the couch when company comes for dinner! I think it will work great and I can't wait to give it a try this year!!!

1 24" x 52" piece of Luan plywood
2 yards of felt from fabric store
Staple Gun
Hot glue gun

  • Cut your plywood to desired size.  You can make yours any size you need. I made mine pretty big to accommodate several people and big puzzles so there is plenty of room to spread the pieces out!
  • Wrap your felt around wood and staple down covering all sides. Hot glue back side.
  • Trim ends, and fold over top to make flap.
  • Gather the family to build a puzzle together, and  have some fun!

Cut your plywood to desired size (whatever works for your table 
We happened to have a piece 24" x 52" that I thought would work great! 

Purchase some felt from the fabric store, I bought 2 yards of a 
light natural color so it would be easy to see the puzzle pieces. 
It was less that $8 at JoAnn Fabrics on sale!

Staple felt onto board with staple gun.  Make sure your staples are not longer
than your board or you will staple it to your work surface ;)!

Wrap the felt around the board and make sure it is smooth, 
continue to staple, I wanted to make sure the back was covered 
with felt too, so it wouldn't scratch my wood table!

 Continue to fold and staple til secure

I wrapped the felt around the back of the board and folded the
ends in neatly, I only stapled the inside of this, so that the staples on the 
back would not be on the outside where it would lay against my table

instead I hot glued the folded back edges together

I had plenty of extra fabric to fold around the front of the board 
to make a flap in front to cover the puzzle when we are not working 
on it so my cats won't lay on it and play with the pieces! 
Also it can be covered and slid under the couch when we need 
to use the table for company over the holidays!

This was a quick and easy DIY project that took less than 1/2 hour to make!  I think it will be a fun solution to a "puzzling" problem ;)!  

No matter what your kids ages are, building a puzzle together is a fun way to get the family doing something together.  Make some hot cocoa, pull out the Christmas cookies, put on some Christmas music and enjoy some time together!  It is a great time for family conversation, and usually a lot of laughs!  


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