Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sub Sunday!

Subway is a pretty healthy fast food choice when you are in a rush and don't have time to make a meal but it is just as easy to have things on hand to make a quick lunch or dinner that your entire family will have fun helping with!

We like to have "Sub Sunday" and make toasted subs at home.  It is fun to let everyone customize their own with the meat, cheese and veggies that they choose! You can use any large Italian or French type bread from your local grocery store or bakery.  I usually by 6 large loaves of wheat french bread at Sam's Club for $4.50 and put it in the freezer.  We can pop out and thaw a few loaves at a time and have subs in a jiffy! We love fresh veggies so we load ours up with whatever we find in the crisper.  Give it a try today, and see how fun and easy it is to have Subway at home!  With two long french breads you can easily serve 4 hungry people!

Slice your bread in the middle and lay on a large cookie sheet

Lay desired meat on top of bread

And top with cheese

Place these under the broiler for a few minutes 
to melt the cheese and toast the bread

Cut up assorted veggies, like lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, 
shredded carrots, peppers, banana or jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, onions

Add desired dressing... we like light Italian

And serve up some family fun in a bun!

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