Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And The Winner Is...

I apologize!  I am so sorry! I dropped the ball... I offered a drawing in December for anyone that re-posted a post about my mitten drawing on their own facebook page, liked my facebook page, and wrote "I did it" on my wall, after completing that, they then would be entered into a drawing to win a pair of my handmade wool mittens.  I had a good response and was really excited about it... then life got in the way! My only excuse is that time just got away from me.  

We had an extremely busy December in my house and between craft shows, my daughter Jessy graduating college, both my grown kids moving back home, and Christmas, I just lost track of a few things, and one of them was my drawing.

Well I figured better late than never, I am only about a month late... so today is the day!  And to make up for my blunder I am not picking just 1 winner but 3!  I am going to draw for 2 pairs of mittens, and one of my handmade up-cycled men's shirt aprons!!!  So instead of one lucky winner... there will be 3 winners today!  I think the mittens will still come in handy since it has been a pretty cold winter around these parts!

Thanks to all who participated, and good luck to all! 

Drum roll please! 

And the winners are...
(Mittens) Winner # 1 - Kathy Thrower Golden 

(Mittens) Winner # 2 - Mary Chappell

(Apron) Winner # 3 - Jennifer Bell

I will be contacting all the winners via email or facebook message to see how to send your prize!

Congratulations and thanks for your understanding,

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