Friday, January 10, 2014

Hot Wing Ranch Wiches

If you like the taste of spicy buffalo hot wings, you will love this quick easy crock pot recipe.  It combines all the great tastes of your favorite bar wings into one tasty sandwich!  It would be a great served on game day when the gang is gathered at your house, or an easy one pot tailgate dish.  Any way you serve it it is sure to be a winner!

Hot Wing Ranch Wiches (makes 8 sandwiches)
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
salt and pepper
1 pkg. ranch dressing mix (1 oz.)
1 12 oz. bottle of hot wing sauce
1 8 count pack of buns
blue cheese (optional)
romaine lettuce leaves (washed and dried)

Directions:  Spray crock pot with non stick cooking spray.  Place 4 chicken breasts in bottom of pot and season with salt and pepper.  Cook on low for about 3 hours until tender and juices run clear.  Drain liquid from crock pot.  In medium bowl stir together 1 packet of dry ranch dressing mix and 1 12 oz. bottle of hot wing sauce (I used Kroger Brand, spicy garlic).  Shred chicken with fork.  Pour sauce mixture over shredded chicken in crock pot and cook another 15 minutes or so.  Place chicken on bottoms of 8 buns top with a sprinkle of blue cheese and romaine lettuce leaves and top bun.  Serve them up with a cold beer ad some chips and a pickle on the side, and you have a quick tasty lunch or dinner everyone will love!

Place chicken breasts in sprayed crock pot and season with salt and pepper.
Cook on high for 3 hours until tender.  Drain excess liquid, and shred with fork when done.

You will need 1 packet of dry ranch dressing mix and a 
12 oz. bottle of hot wing sauce

I didn't have enough Franks, but I had this Kroger brand spicy garlic wing sauce that I found in my cupboard so I used that.  
Place the dry ranch and wing sauce in bowl and stir well to combine

After chicken has cooked and you have  drained the extra liquid, add the 
wing/ranch mixture to the chicken in the crock pot

Stir to cover all of chicken and let cook for another 15 minutes or so.

Serve on buns with blue cheese and lettuce.  Makes 8 hot and hardy sandwiches!

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