Monday, January 20, 2014

Organize - Project #1 Recipe Index!

January is a great month to get organized! It is too cold to do much around the house outside so it is a great month to dig in and start little projects inside. Even if it only cleaning out one drawer in your kitchen a day, just think in 30 days you could have tackled 30 little projects you have been putting off for months (or maybe even years!)

My house was hit hard this week and we have all been pretty sick with the flu.  I guess it was our turn since we haven't had it in a really long time but I am telling you it was not very fun. The good news... I lost 7 pounds... the bad news... I will probably find them next week! 

Most days I like to make a blog post, or at least work on a project or a craft or a new recipe that I want to share, but the last few days I have not felt like cooking, eating, crafting, reading, or even looking at pictures of food.  Now that I have started to feel better, but not quite well enough to do any major projects, I decided to work on one of those little projects I have been thinking about doing for a while now but never seem to get around to it.  Today I have added a Recipe Index Tab to make it easier to find recipes I post on the blog for myself and others looking for specific recipes. I realized it was getting a little difficult to track down older recipes so this seemed like a good solution to this problem.  It is not a huge project, but it is just a little something I could do while recuperating. 

I am hoping that as I start getting my energy back, I can try to a least do one little thing to organize my life each day. My friend Diane recently posted on her blog Kindergarten Nana a great idea she is going to try out this year called the 2014 Things Challenge. She got this idea from reading another blogger, the idea is that she would get rid of 2014 things this year, and even go one step beyond, if she brought something new in her home, she would get rid of something old! I love that idea and might try to do that myself!  

If you are a Pinner, there are all sorts of fun organizational ideas for your home and life to be found on Pinterest to help inspire you. I have a list of my own I want to try including a curling iron and hair dryer holder made out of PVC pipe and some spice jar holders for the inside of my cupboard doors I just ordered from Amazon!

If you have any good ideas of things you will be doing to simplify and organize your life we would love for you to share them with us!

Lets Get Organized Together!

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