Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sweetheart Dinner...

John, Sandy, Brent
Valentines Day is always a fun day to go out, and last years our sweeties took us out to celebrate Valentines Day.  This year since Valentines Day fell on a Friday, I figured that the restaurants would be packed with all the love birds in town, so I decided to have a small group of friends in to celebrate cupids holiday :). We might not all be young and in love but we are young at heart and must be doing something right because we have all been married a looooong time!

Nancy (almost), Bill, Wanda, Bob, Diane, John
I love to have a theme for a dinner party, it is so much easier to plan and decorate for, and since I had a few weeks to think about it, I could dig out my box of Valentines Day goodies from when my kids were young (can you say pack-rat) and see what I could use! Of course red, white, pink and hearts was the basic theme of the night, so that was pretty simple and fun to work with.  I decided to pull out my white lace table cloth and build my "romantic" table scape from there! 

I also wanted to play a fun game after dinner too, one that would allow us to laugh a lot, and learn a little more about each other, so I decided on the "Newlywed Game", but we called it the "Oldywed" Game.  I found a cute version on Pinterest from the Dating Divas that I could download and print for free and it turned out really fun.  We also made a fun couples gift bag for the winning couple who scored the highest in the game to take home which include some fun Valentines day wine glasses from the dollar store, some chocolate, a candle and a bottle of sweet red wine for them to share.
Click here to download the "Newlywed Game" from the Dating Diva's
Wanda and Bill took home the Grand Prize ;)
Below is the menu for our Valentines Day Dinner, everyone brought something to share and it was delicious!  I will be posting all the recipes this week with links below! 

Wanda serving her Sangria... John looks mad (what's up with that)
Sweetheart Dinner Party Menu
Valentine Drink - Sangria (Wanda)
Appetizer-Greek "Salsa" Appetizer Dip w/bread
Salad (Diane)
Chicken Gloria w/noodles
Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin (Nancy)
Glazed Pearl Onions
Dessert-Cherry Pie Bars, Cookies, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Greek "Salsa" Appetizer (You might not want to kiss your sweetheart after eating this!)
Diane made the salad, and even cut the cukes heart shaped!
Chicken Gloria!
Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin (Nancy)
Cherry Pie Bars
Valentine Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Dinner was delicious, the oldywed game was a blast, and fun was had by all (I hope.)  Below are a few more pictures from our Sweetheart Dinner!

Nancy brought us all cute little match box Valentines that a class at her school made
They were filled with Valentine M and M's 

That were wrapped in heart bags :)
The men got Milkshake Stout

The Ladies got Valentine vases w/flowers

We always have fun with our friends and it was a relaxing way to enjoy the evening together, eating, drinking, and laughing... a lot :)!  Can't wait til next time!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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