Friday, March 7, 2014

Learning about lighting...

I have been having a lot of fun blogging on the Blue Spotted Owl for the past several months.  Writing is a great outlet for me and having the blog helps me share thoughts, ideas, and creative inspiration that rattles around in my brain :).  I love to cook, and craft, and try and do fun things with my friends and family and it is a great place to journal those things. I am learning so much doing it, and enjoying reading and researching ways to improve the look, appearance, and ease of use for those visiting my website.  I am not really too worried about how many hits I get a day, it is mostly a creative outlet for me, but it has been a fun learning experience, and a great place to file and share all my recipes ;).  

For Christmas my kids got me a bunch of books to help me learn more about blogging and photography to help me improve the Owl, they said it was the year of the "Owl."  I even got owl socks, an owl dish, and an owl pillow ;), but one of the best gifts I got was a light box with lights to help me take better pictures for the blog.  I just opened it up today and gave it a try and I think my photos look a lot better already.  I do need a better camera too, but I think just with the better lighting, the pictures I took today look 100 x's better!  My house only has really good natural light for about 2 hours a day, and if I happen to be taking a picture during that time it is all good.  But the chances I will plan my photography time around the time of the best light in my house is not likely ;)! 

Yesterday in the natural light of my kitchen

Today in the light box (these look a lot more appetizing I think!)

Anyway, just wanted to shout out to my kids and say THANKS... for taking an interest, and for being willing to help me out.  It is a real encouragement to have family behind you to love you and spur you on.

Below are a few funny pictures of my light box adventure this morning. The girls were extremely interested in finding out what I was doing  and wanted to check it out... I think Harley thought that the plate of cookies in that cool white tent were getting more attention than her and she was having none of it, so she decided to pose for a picture too!

Okay, I know what you are thinking... food and cat's on the kitchen counter don't mix. Don't worry, they are usually sleeping in the den when I am creating in the kitchen!

Always learning,

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