Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

Happy Birthday Justin!

My daughter Jessica has a pretty special guy in her life and we wanted to make him feel loved by celebrating his birthday this weekend. Pour Justin, little did he know he would be forced to wear the "birthday hat," but he was a good sport and was game for the family tradition. For family birthday's in the Shaw house I make the special birthday person dinner and dessert of their choosing.  Justin requested my "sticky chicken" and fried rice, but for dessert he did not want a regular birthday cake, he requested strawberry pretzel dessert which I had not made in years.  He said it is one of his favorite desserts and it is not something he gets very often.  I scoured the internet for recipes and had no trouble finding lots to choose from.  Everyone loved it, I think big John ate 3 pieces so I will definitely be making it again!

We had a fun dinner, and after we played a new fun game that we got him for his birthday called Spot It that my friend Sue told me was a blast.  It is a easy faced paced game with lots of grabbing and laughs. We also settled in to watch the Oscars together and watch all the glittering gowns and Hollywood stars. We had a fun family night together and enjoyed celebrating Justin's birthday!

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert- Makes 12-16 serving

2 cups crushed pretzels (about 8 ounces)
3/4 cup butter, melted
3 Tbs. sugar

2 cups whipped topping (1 8 oz container of cool whip)
1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened
1 cup sugar

2 pkgs. 3 oz. each strawberry jello (or 1 large 6 oz.)
2 cups boiling water
2 pkg. 16 oz. each frozen sweetened sliced strawberries, thawed

Directions:  Crush pretzels.  In a bowl combine the pretzels, butter and sugar, and press into a sprayed 13 x 9 inch baking dish.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and cool on wire rack.  For filling, in a small bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar until blended, and add cool whip blending until smooth.  Spread over pretzel crust and chill.  For topping, dissolve gelatin in boiling water in a large bowl. Stir in strawberries with syrup and chill until partially set.  Spoon over filling.  Chill 4-6 hours or until firm.  Cut in squares. Enjoy!

I placed pretzels in a Ziploc bag

And crushed with a rolling pin and mallet

Mix sugar and butter with the pretzels and press into a sprayed 9 x 13 inch pan and bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes

 Cream sugar and cream cheese

Blend in cool whip until well incorporated

Stir sugar with boiling water until dissolved

Add Strawberries to jello and chill until partially set

Spread filling mixture over pretzel crust

Chill until firm

When jello is partially set, carefully spread over filling and chill again
 4 to 6 hours until firm

Look at those yummy layers... a perfect mixture of sweet and salty!

Cut in squares and enjoy!

Birthday's are a great time to gather family and friends to celebrate. It's a great time to remind our loved one's how much they mean to us and how special they our in our lives.  But birthday's should not be the only day we let the people in our lives know how special they are... take time out and let someone know they are important to you today!


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