Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gardening Projects...

Well by the calendar it says spring has sprung here in Michigan.  By the weather, not so much... it was in the 30's yesterday morning, but today it was sunny and in the high 50's ye-ha!  I am anxiously awaiting warmer weather.  I love it when the sun begins to warm things up, and little by little green begins to emerge from the brown earth, the buds begin to pop out and the first bulbs come to life!  It won't be long now, but after the long winter we just came out of it can't come soon enough for me! 

I have been thinking about a few fun DIY gardening projects that I want to try this season and thought I would start by posting some here for a quick reference when the time comes for digging in the earth and planting some color to brighten my yard.

We have a lot of mature trees in our yard, especially in the back yard so I have to really think about what kind of plants will strive with little or no sun.  I have a lot of perennials planted in the yard too, and a lot of my gardens need some serious work this year. I planted a lot of things when we first moved in over 20 years ago, and many of which had been given to me for free by friends and neighbors thinning their own gardens.  Many of these plants I didn't even know what they were at the time. Now they are out of control and need some desperate attention from someone... I wish it didn't have to be me! It is such an overwhelming task to think about that I usually just ignore them! I think that is one reason why I love container gardening, it is so much simpler, it gives a lot of color, and you don't have to weed them as much! I usually plant a lot of planters, hanging plants and pots to sit around my deck, porch and gardens. I love to mix colors textures and heights to make fun and interesting container gardens, and every year I can try something new!

I have always wanted to do this... 
maybe this is the year!


I have a cool hanging tin that needs something in it!

I have a lot of trees in my backyard... 
I think this would be a cute detail!

I also have a galvanize tub we use at parties 
for a cooler for pop and water... 
it might have a new use this year!

John might have to help me with this one, 
but isn't it cute!

I have always wanted an old bike to turn into an eclectic planter for my garden... I think I need to scour some garage sales this spring!

There are always old chairs that can be picked up at garage sales... I have one but the weather has taken it's toll... time to look for a new one!

Tea Time... Yep I think I will sacrifice one of my 
tea cups for this cute project!

I really like these because I know they will withstand the elements... 
and they look pretty cute too!

Maybe for growing a few fresh veggies... my back yard is not good for a vegetable garden,
but maybe I can find a spot for this!

A Pretty way to grow fresh herbs!

Maybe we will have to drink some wine... 
I need to water my plants don't I!

I can't wait to begin some of these fun garden projects!  I am not sure how many will actually get done this year, but I can dream can't I! 

Digging in the Dirt,

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