Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day Part II...

My kids were both busy on Mother's Day this year, Johnny was flying to Memphis for a film shoot for work last Sunday and Jes was working, so they both told be that we would celebrate this weekend. My Mother's Day request is the same every year, it's that we just do something fun as a family together. Since everyone is so busy with their own lives, it is fun to have a day to just spend time together.  A few years ago we went to the Zoo together for Mother's Day. I had not been there in years and it was fun to just walk around and spend the day together.  

Today we went for lunch at Bibimbab which is a Korean restaurant in Novi. I have not eaten much Korean food and since Jessy's boyfriend is Korean/American who better to guide us through ordering!  We had a fun lunch trying new food, and practicing with chop sticks.  Towards the end of the meal we were all getting the hang of using the chopsticks efficiently but I still think the chop stick diet would be a great way to loose a few pounds ;)! 

John and I were not extremely creative and ordered one of the restaurants specialties called bibimbab which is a traditional Korean dish.  It is a variety of vegetables on top of a bed of rice, baked in a traditional stone bowl topped with an egg and served with a special hot and spicy sauce.  We had beef added to ours, but you could have the choice of beef, chicken, vegetable only, seafood, raw beef, or Albab. It was really delicious. 

John, Jessy, and Justin ordered an appetizer that was called, Bul Ko Ki which was thinly sliced beef brisket in Korean bbq sauce.  They brought with that Lettuce leaves, and Justin made us lettuce wraps with the meat, bean paste and something else I can't remember inside... they were really yummy.

For their main course they ordered Bu Sut Bulkoki Jeongol, to share.  It is hot pot type dish cooked right at your table.  It was a soupy stew type dish with a variety of mushrooms, beef bulkoki, tofu, and assorted vegetables simmered in beef broth.  With dinner they brought us an array of assorted authentic Korean side dishes in small bowls that included, cabbage Kimchi, radish Kimchi, seaweed, bean paste, small pieces of marinated potatoes, and a marinated broccoli.  There were so many you could not even see the top of the table!  It was super fun to taste them all... I said I felt like Andrew Zimmerman minus the grasshoppers ;)!

It was super cool that Justin could order for us in Korean, and then could explain all of the food!  We had a great time, trying new things, and he was an extremely patient teacher :).

After our lunch we all crammed into my little blue car and hit a few garage/estate sales. I really wish I had taken a picture of this, Johnny was joking that it was the "clown car" because we were all crammed in and piled out for a sale!  They know it is something I enjoy and just wanted to hang out for a while.  We did not find many treasures, other than a cordless drill for Justin which I proudly bartered the lady down from $20 to $15 bucks but is was a fun outing.

The best Mother's Day gift is just spending time with my family.  I hope you all had the opportunity to share some time with yours.  I wish we had more days like this, but I do vaguely remember how it is when you are in your 20's!

Feeling Blessed,
Momma Shaw

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