Saturday, June 14, 2014

And two shall become one...

The future Mr. & Mrs. Justin Hwang
I am feeling very excited today to announce the engagement of our daughter, Miss Jessica Shaw to the very handsome and talented Mr. Justin Hwang!  The love birds announced their betrothal to a crowd of there very happy and excited friends and family last night at a little surprise party that the groom to be arranged after he popped the big question!  Our daughter grinning from ear to ear came into their friends house with a smile as big as the Grand Canyon and flashing a lovely ring that Justin had made for her with his Mother's diamond.  He told her that the ring had 3 stones... one larger one in the center to represent Christ in their relationship, and the two smaller ones on either side to represent them.  I will tell you that my heart was filled with happiness and joy for the young couple.  

The Ring!
My husband and I new this day was coming, because Justin, being a young man of honor, took us to dinner and ask our permission to marry Jessy.  He and Jessy have been friends for about 2 years and have dated for almost a year.  They have a lot of things in common, and they seem to really compliment each other perfectly.  They are both committed to their relationship with God and each other, and with the blessing of their friends and family, they will be married this fall!  Justin is a great guy and he already feels like a member of our family!

When Justin talked to us about getting married, he explained that Jessy had mentioned that she would love a fall wedding, so he wanted to make that happen for her if at all possible (that is seriously sweet.)  It isn't much time for planning a wedding, but we told them if that is what they wanted... that is what we would do, we will GET R' DONE!  So instead of reading books under a shady tree this summer, and sunbathing at the beach, we are going to be planning our daughters wedding, and couldn't be happier! 

Justin and Jessy will be wed on November 2, 2014 at a barn in Milford surrounded by God's creation and the rustic charm of the country.  They want a casual, affair to celebrate their special day surrounded by people that love and care for them.  We feel that God has a great plan for the two of them and feel blessed to welcome Justin into our family.  We are not loosing a daughter but gaining another son! 

If I am going to be the MOB, "Mother of the Bride," I guess I really need to get on the stick and loose those few pounds that snuck up on me this winter.  It will be a busy summer... but one filled with love!

Feeling Blessed!
The MOB :)

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