Thursday, June 5, 2014

Garage Sale!

One man's junk is another treasure... at least that's what some say, and I would say that statement is fairly accurate!  

Our housewares department

I have not been posting much lately on the BSO because I have been so busy.  Between working a few days a week subbing as a Para for Walled Lake Schools, taking my Dad to his doctor's appointments, and getting ready for a really big garage sale, there has been very little crafting, cooking, or traveling of any kind in my house!  For the last month I have been digging, and sorting through stuff in my house and really doing a major purge, and this past weekend we pulled it all out in the garage and driveway and sold all the treasure we found at a garage sale.

Always try to display stuff nicely, make sure it is clean, and use table cloths

We even had fine china, and Waterford crystal at our sale!
I am not going to lie, a garage sale is a ton of work, but sometimes the payoffs are huge!  I learned a lot about garage sales from Mom Mom and her neighbors, because every year they would get together and have a big sale.  There were usually 5 or 6 families involved so they came up with a pretty good system of marking things to identify each persons sales.  We tag our items with different colored tags, so if there are a lot of different people involved in the sale it is easy to identify who's item it is.  We remove the colored tags from each item at the time of purchase tally up the grand total for the customer and take their payment, and then put all the tags from the sale in a coffee can. At the end of each day we tally each persons colored tags up for their total sales for the day and put the tags and money in a zip loc bag.  At the end of each day of the sale we do the same thing.  

Hanging a ladder to put hanging clothes was my hubby's brilliant idea!
We also advertise in the small local paper, and on craigslist and other various garage sale search sites on line that are free.  My online ads that are free, I usually list a lot of the best items, or items that I know collectors would want and will drive people to your sale, it is free so make it as big as you want! The more detailed the ad is the better... and be sure to give good directions with a map if possible to your house!  We happen to live in a pretty big subdivision and my house sits right in the middle with lots of streets and turns to get to us, so we go crazy with signs pointing people to our sale. 

Make sure to straighten and re-fold items during the day to keep things tidy and more inviting to customers!
The best day of a sale we have found to be Thursday, that is when all the really serious garage salers are out to get the best deals, Friday is usually less busy, and then you will get a small wave of shoppers on Saturday about mid morning.  I am usually ready for it to be over by 1 on Saturday so that is when we usually close up shop.  
Our fine art department ;)
We do have one hard and fast rule about the left over things from the sale and that is what comes out of the house for a garage sale, does not come back in house, so the leftovers get loaded in the car, and donated to a local charity. 

Electronics, games and movies were grouped together on a table
It is always more fun to do a sale with friends, or neighbors and the more people involved the more good stuff you have to sell, the more customers you will get.  My friend Sue and her family brought some things over to sell too, and we had fun visiting and chatting with friends, neighbors and shoppers and making a little money in the process.... Well in fact, we made a ton of money. Between her stuff, my stuff, and my kids stuff, we made over $700!  I would say that was pretty good for just junk sitting around our basements and closets!  

We still have this adorable Hello Kitty TV if you know any little girls that need one!
John and I would like to move in a few years, and he was thrilled. We have been in our house for over 20 years now, and we are ready for a change.  It is where we raised our family, made many memories, and collected a lot of treasures :).  We not only got rid of a lot of stuff at the sale but we probably threw out twice as many things while we were getting ready for it.  We are not quite ready to move, but when we do, it will be a lot easier! 

Utilize every inch of space... I even used one of my outdoor plant shelves to display things!
Whether you are thinking about moving, just need to clear the clutter, or need a little extra cash, a garage sale is a fun easy way to get it done! 

Wheelin' and Dealin',

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