Monday, June 16, 2014

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

The smile say's it all!
Happy Father's Day!

We are blessed.  John is a great Father, a wonderful husband and a steady provider.  He is a selfless Godly example, and solid steady head of our family.  He is gentle and forgiving and also firm and discerning when needed to be.  He is creative and funny but also an extremely hard worker. He is loyal, caring, and loves deeply. 

Say Cheese!
When we got married, and decided to have a family, neither of us had a clue of how to be good parents, but together we tried to figure it out and muddled our way through.  I know we made a lot of mistakes, but together, I think we raised two pretty darn good kids! 

We make a good team!
Since our kids have gotten older, for special holiday's like Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Birthday's, instead of gifts, we really enjoy to do special things together as a family.  Everyone is busy, so it is really fun to come together and spend some special time together doing something fun.

This Father's Day the kids wanted to pick something that their Dad would really enjoy, so we all went Canoeing at Heavner's.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed a 2 1/2 hour canoe trip down the Huron River. We started at Proud Lake, and ended at group camp in Kennsington Metro Park. On our trip we enjoyed the natural beauty of the river and the nature that surrounds it!  We saw fish, turtles, hawks, birds, herons, cranes, and swans.  We laughed a lot, and had a really nice trip. It was a pretty easy trip and once we got beyond the first little way where there were a lot of canoers and kyakers coming back from self return trips we felt like we had the river to ourselves!

The biggest challenge we had was getting through a small area of the river where the water was fairly deep but we had to cross some large downed trees.  It was really kind of deep and murky to just get out and walk the canoe across so we struggled scootching and pushing ourselves across the logs laying across our way in the river. Big John and I were the first to attempt to cross it and the kids had a lot of fun laughing at our attempts of getting across... but then it was their turn and the tables were turned.  We stopped in the river to just watch them and laugh!  I wouldn't let John go and help them... It was too much fun watching Jessy jump up and down in the middle of the canoe!  And Justin and Johnny telling her to relax, hahaha!  I am super surprised that they didn't tip it :). I am glad to announce we all survived!

Before our day canoeing, we took John to lunch at the Burger Joint in Milford where you can create your burger just the way you like it, and he likes his with lot's of pickles and onions!  We enjoyed a nice lunch at one of their outside tables, and afterwards Johnny took a few "engagement" pictures of Justin and Jessy so they have some to give to Justin's Grandma when they go to visit her next week in California!

Jessy showing off the rock... glad she didn't loose it in the river!

It was a beautiful day and just a great reminder of how special family times like these are!

Happy Father's Day John!

Making memories together,

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