Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Epic Fail... Petit Four Disaster!

The happy couple... Lauren and Larry
Sorry guys no petit fours from me! (at least I tried)

Aren't they pretty!
So I woke up early today and read an email from a friend of mine who is planning a shower for her daughter (my daughter happens to be in the wedding too).  We had a planning meeting the other night with some of the bridesmaids and some other women that want to help. It was decided at the meeting that it would be a tea party shower.  We discussed some ideas and my friend Shelley (aka: MOB) really thought it would be cute to have little petit four cakes. I have never made petit four cakes and my instant gut reaction was that it was not something that looked very easy so I suggested maybe mini cupcakes instead. No one else volunteered to make the petit fours, so we talked about maybe buying some at one of the big box stores but eventually we moved on in our planning and left that topic go.  

They said pound cake works the best because it is stiffer... I used 3 boxes and should have used 2

mixing up the jam to make it smooth

spreading jam and still feeling confident
Today the email from Shelley was just to update us on what everyone was doing/bringing to the shower and she said something about still looking for the petite fours but if we can't get them then Sandy (me) will make mini cupcakes.  Well a light went on in my little brain, and I thought to myself... I have a free day and Shelley really wants those petite fours for the shower, I bet If I watched a few You Tube tutorials I could make them.  After watching it I thought to myself... I got this!  

Boy, so far so good...

Well maybe not... they are a little thick

It looks easy enough right...
I proceeded to go to the store and purchase supplies for my little project... I got home and feeling very confident, I thought, what the heck, I could make them today and freeze them for the shower! Well let me tell you those little buggers aren't as easy as the You Tube videos make them look!  I am sure you have all seen those posts about EPIC PINTEREST FAILS, well this was definitely one! I am sorry to say that I will not be making petit fours for the shower... or ever again for that matter!!!  I should have went with my gut instinct on this one, hahahaha! Oh well you never know unless you try :).
Even the frosting was easy and looked and tasted good I thought

I decided to heat it and pipe it on with a bag like in the tutorial

Problem was I couldn't get it to drizzle over the sides and the top just getting thicker and thicker with frosting!
Unfortunately, I made my cake to thick... I made my frosting too thick... I didn't wait long enough for my cake to harden up in the freezer before drizzling... I had frosting everywhere but on the little cake bites and it was just a huge mess... I could tell I didn't have the patients to finish them and I just threw in the towel!  I ended up putting some of the little squares in a 9 x 13 pan and drizzling the frosting on top... If you come for dinner at my house you might get get petit four casserole for dessert :)!

Defeated... how do you like my petit four casserole? 
We have all had things not turn out exactly like we wanted in the kitchen and I thought you all might get a chuckle from my petite four fail today, I know I did! Oh well, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again... or not :)  Sorry, I'm not posting this recipe today... I would not want to put anyone through this ordeal! 

And then I had to clean up the mess... UGH!
I am sure the shower will be wonderful, even without petit fours... at least I tried! 


PS-I don't do cake balls either!

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