Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jessy and Justin's Wedding Shower...

The happy couple!

Hello friends!  Long time no see :)!  I have really missed my time reflecting and sharing on The Blue Spotted Owl!  It has been several months since I have had time to post on the Owl. Over the past months, this page has been a fun creative outlet for me to share things I have been working on or doing but between moving my Dad into an assisted living facility, selling his home, and helping our daughter plan her wedding I just haven't had time to do anything else, but we have had some fun and exciting things happen lately so today I thought I would share...

Jessy & Leeanne, her Matron of Honor
Jessy and her attendants (minus Justin's Sister Grace)
The real countdown has begun!  Today is October 2nd and Jessy and Justin are getting married in a month!  November 2nd they will become Mr. and Mrs. Justin Hwang in front of their friends and family at Lazy J Ranch in Milford, and the wedding festivities have officially begun!  About 2 weeks ago her Matron of Honor, Leeanne, along with her bridesmaid and some of my friends put on a lovely bridal shower for Jessy and Justin.  It was held in the Fellowship Hall of our church and was a wonderfully fun and relaxing time to celebrate the new couple and shower them with gifts and love!  

Jessy is a happy girl, she loves her coffee!
They got so many awesome gifts... can't wait to be invited over!
The shower was absolutely awesome!  They had a lovely brunch shower and served up all sorts of delicious quiches, breakfast bakes, granola cups, fruit and breakfast sweet rolls.  They had an array of juices, coffee and teas, along with some fun sparkling grape juice mimosas! 

Justin was a brave groom to come to the shower to celebrate with us. It was a great time for him to be able meet some friends and family that he hadn't been able to meet before. It was a wonderful day for the young couple and I know they really felt loved and blessed! The only sad thing about the day was that Justin's Mom and Sister could not be with us to celebrate because of his Dad's health, but we are really looking forward to having them here with us for the wedding.  I thought I would share a few photos of the fun day with all of you, and say thanks to all that made this such a special day!

Grandma Ginny

A special thanks to all our friends who took pictures and helped preserve the memories of this special day for us for years to come! Thanks too, for everyone who helped plan, set up, clean up, prepare food and games, or just came to share this special day with us!  I look at these photos and just feel so blessed that these two are beginning their lives together surrounded by such a wonderful group of friends and family, old and new, to love and support them through their new life's journey... these are people that I know that will hold them up in prayer and love and really be by their side. 

The time has flown by these past few months and I can't believe the wedding is one month from today!   We are so excited to see you all at the Lazy J as these two take their vows and celebrate one of the most important days of their lives... 

Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes we are going to have a fun celebration!

Feeling Excited!

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