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John & Sandy

Hello!  My name is Sandy and welcome to my world!  I am so glad you decided to visit and my hope is that you might take something away that will inspire you to live better, love well, and create beautiful things!

I am a 51 year old wife and mother who lives in Michigan with my hubby of 26 years and our two cats Lucy & Harley.

Lucy & Harley

My husband John and I have raised two creative, compassionate, and loving children that we are very proud of.  They are all grown up now and out in the world doing their own creative things, but we love it when they come home for a meal, a hug, or even to do a load of laundry!

John & Jessica
I love cooking, creating, reading, visiting new places, learning new things, and entertaining and celebrating with  family and friends.  My mind is always reeling with new ideas, and projects and I am always up for a new challenge or adventure and thought it would be fun to have a place to share those ideas with others. I also love Jesus, He is the center of our family, and I thank him every day for the gifts he has given us.  We rely on him daily to guide our paths in this crazy world we live in.  If I can share a bit of his light by taking a yummy meal to a sick friend, making a gift for someone special, or just sharing a good thought or idea that might help spur someone else on to use their gifts, then I feel like I am using the creative gifts that He has given me... If I can share them with others and help them be inspired to pass it forward then even better!

Thanks for listening, and I hope you stop by often, grab a cup of tea, and visit for a while... I am sure we will become good friends!


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